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Catalogue of Stamp Auction #81, March 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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Pre- Philatelic Mailings from Territory of Western Ukraine

1818, entire wrapper from Brody to Spain via Odessa, oval postmark "Brody in Gallizien", merchant two-line boxed marking and arrival hs, some folds and a few internal breaches, still F/VF
1855, entire letter written on November 24, sent from Brody (26.11) via Lemberg (now Lviv) on 27.11. to Janow (30.11), undelivered and returned from Janow via Lemberg (4.12) to Tarnow (6.12), all appropriate transits and arrival markings on reverse, mostly VF

Collection of Pre-Philatelic Correspondences

1830-64, 25 entire wrappers or complete letters, sent from Bolechow, Brody, Brzezan, Drohobicz, Halicz, Stanislau, Stry and etc., most addressed to Lemberg, in addition two cover fronts with Austrian adhesives, mainly fresh quality, F/VF or better
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