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Lots 1016 - 1019,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #81, March 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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1016   Mi P21.II

Postal Stationery Items

1929, unsevered stationery reply card (single line inscription at the bottom) 3k+3k red, uprated by four values and sent from Kazan to Geneva, violet boxed "Вынуто из Почтового Ящика"(Removed from a mail box), arrival ds, VF
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Group of Advertising Stationery Envelopes

1926-47, 34 items, including 7 unused and 27 used, showing various advertising messages on front and reverse about fast delivery of correspondences, banking services, Revolutionaries' Aid Association and etc., approximately 10 items faulted, others are in nice collectible condition, F/VF
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Errors Selection

1940-56, four envelopes and one postcard, envelope Moscow Kremlin 60k has security lining printed on both sides and with mirrored impression of Arms and stamp inside, air mail envelope1r has no word "AVIA"and with wrong laying-out as three other pieces, minor soiling mentioned, still F/VF and rarely offered items
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1988, two illustrated stationery postcards (Fall Bouquet) of 4k black with double impression, one of which has second impression inverted, both are unused, VF, a common card is included