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Lots 1020 - 1060,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #82, June 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1020 **/*   246, var
1918, violet trident overprint (type 2 Multiple Handstamp) on imperforated 3k red, sheet margin block of 15 (3x5), vertical row on the right overprinted by broken plate, resulting in trident turned counter-clockwise, full OG, NH or previously hinged (one stamp), VF, each stamp with J. Bulat hs on reverse
1021 **/*   229/53

Collection of Type 2 Multiple Handstamps

1918, 1k-70k, 51 perforated and imperforated horizontal strips of five, less only imperforated 50k for completion, including practically all varieties listed in Bulat Cat., fresh condition, full OG, NH or LH/hinged, VF, C.v. $615++
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1022 **/*   260/91

Small Collection of Type 2

1918, violet trident overprint on 74 perforated and imperforated mint stamps in singles, pairs and blocks, nice and very fresh, full OG, NH or LH/hinged, F/VF, properly expertized by J. Bulat or Dr. Seichter, C.v. $876
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1023  582a/92
1918, black or red overprints (Ministerial type) on Romanov Dynasty stamps of 1k-20k/14k, set of eight values cancelled on individual pieces, fresh, VF, all expertized by J. Bulat, C.v. $365
1024 */U   801-02


1918, dull black overprint (type 4) on imperforated 3.50r and 5r, first one with a part of postal cancellation (illustrated in the Dr. Ceresa Monograph), the other one with full OG, LH, VF, expertized by J. Bulat, C.v. $325
1025 **/*   804-05
1918, black overprint (type 6) on perforated 35k and 50k, first one is illustrated in the Dr. Ceresa Monograph, full OG, NH (35k) or previously hinged, VF, ex-Dr. Zelonka, C.v. $225
1026  806-07
1918, black overprint (type 7) on perforated 50k and imperforated 1r, both are postally used, the last one with a pinhole, fresh condition otherwise, VF, C.v. $375
1027  818-41, 824b


1918, black overprint (type 1) on perforated 1k-70k and imperforated 1k-35k, in addition stamp of 10k with red overprint, all are postally used, F/VF, many stamps signed, C.v. $233 w/o two not priced stamps
1028    862
1920, insured parcel card for 2,000rub sent from Sofiyevka (Katerinoslav Gub.) to Moscow, franked altogether by nine stamps without overprint and one imperforated 3.50r with black Katerinoslav type 2overprint, usual folds and archival holes, still fine and scarce item
1029    966


1918, violet handstamp (type 1) on 5k claret, two imperforated singles used on POW card to Austria, fresh, VF, C.v. $450 as used stamps off card
1030 **   1021-39
1918, perforated horizontal pair of 20k blue and red, left stamp with green overprint of type 1, right one with black overprint of type 2, full OG, NH, VF and a spectacular commercial item, ex-Dr. Zelonka, C.v. $525++
1031  1038/48
1918, black overprint (type 2) on perforated stamps of 15k-7r, set of nine, all are postally used, stamp of 35k has a pinhole, fresh and mostly VF and scarce assemblage, all are properly expertized, C.v. $1,260 (35k has no price in the Cat.)
1032 **/*   1059-73 a-h

Odessa - Selection of Type 1 Overprint Varieties

1918, 82 mint stamps with various overprint errors - shifts, inverted, double, printed on both sides and etc., singles, pairs, strips and blocks, neatly arranged on a stockpage, fresh condition, full OG with many NH stamps, VF, ex-Dr. Zelonka
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1033  1149/83
1918, black overprint (type 4) on perforated 1k-7r and imperforated 1k-10k, the total is 34 stamps, all are postally used, F/VF, many stamps properly expertized, C.v. $1,064
1034  1187/206, 1200a
1918, black overprint (type 5a) on perforated 2k-10r, including inverted overprint on 50k, the total is 16 values, all are postally used, some on pieces, F/VF, some stamps with experts' hs on reverse, C.v. $1,559
1035  1311/25
1918, black overprint (type 6a) on perforated 2k-10r, set of 11 postally used stamps, some cancelled on pieces, F/VF, some expertized, ex-Dr. Zelonka, C.v. $997
1036  1373/93


1918, black overprint (type 1a) on perforated 1k- 7r, set of 19 (less 14k and 10r for completion), all are postally used, some on pieces, F/VF, several stamps with experts' signs, ex-Dr. Zelonka, C.v. $458 (stamp of 5r not priced used)
1037  1559/572
1918, black overprint (type 6b) on perforated 1k-70k and imperforated 3k, the total is ten used values, three of which cancelled on one piece, F/VF, ex-Dr. Seichter and Dr. Zelonka, C.v. $690
1038    1681
1919, black overprint (type 8d) on imperforated 50k brown violet and green, top left corner margin block of four, used on cover from Pavlivka to Moscow, all appropriate markings and arrival ds, VF, expertized by J. Bulat, C.v.$600 as four stamps off cover
1039    1701
1918, black overprint (type 9aa) on perforated 1k orange in vertical pair affixed on addressed envelope together with seven other overprinted values, tied by Husiatyn date stamp, two envelope folds, stamps are VF and very rare, especially in used condition, expertized by J. Bulat, ex-Dr. Zelonka
1040  1837
1918, black overprint (type 11b) on perforated 10r, tied by Secureni (Bessarab Gub.) "2.9.18" date stamp, mostly VF and very rare
1041  2176/89
1918, black overprint (type 16d) on perforated 10k/7k- 3.50r and imperforated 7r, the total is eight stamps, all are postally used, stamp of 15k with repaired punch, still F/VF, most with experts' signs, C.v. $725 (10k/7k, 15kand 25k not priced in the Cat.)
1042  212/27

Local Trident Overprints - Chernihiv Type 1

1918, black overprint on perforated 1k-70k and imperforated 1k-1r, the total is 32 stamps in singles, pairs and blocks of four, all are postally used, most on pieces, F/VF, properly expertized, C.v. $671
1043  2378/83


1918, red overprint on imperforated 1k-35k, the total is 13 stamps, including two blocks of four, all are properly used, F/VF, many expertized, C.v. $525
1044  2456-58

Novobilytsia - Type 2

1918, hand-drawn violet overprint on perforated 2k in vertical pair bottom stamp without overprint, imperforated 2k and 3k, first one in horizontal gutter pair, right stamp without overprint, nicely Gomel cancellations on pieces, fresh, VF, ex-Dr. Zelonka
1045    2496


1919, money order for 546rub to Ostrog, bearing three of five imperforated stamps of 1r with inverted violet overprint (two stamps missing and until now not discovered), postmarked on arrival, VF appearance, the unique item bearing three only recorded stamps
1046  2532

Kyiv Vokzal "b" (Train Station)

1918, violet overprint on imperforated 2k green, vertical strip of four, properly cancelled on a piece, two security holes, still F/VF and one of two known multiples (the other one is vertical strip of three) of that issue
1047  2536 var


1918, black overprint on perforated 3k red, neat postal cancellation, VF and extremely rare, expertized by E. Kobylanski, the only Saving stamp of 10k was known with that overprint until now

Kyiv - Unrecorded Type

1918, violet overprint on perforated 10r scarlet, yellow and gray, Kyiv postal cancellation, VF and extremely rare, ex-Faberge
1049 */U   

Selection of Better Trident Overprints

1918, 100 mint or used stamps in singles, pairs, strips and blocks, representing Chernihiv - Kyiv type 1 with No.218-19 used, Kyiv type 2 multiple and single handstamps with No.276and No.364 in block of four, both used, Kharkiv mainly Dzenis reprints, Odessa types 1-5, and Podilia with No.1771 used, overall fresh condition, full OG or used, F/VF, all valuable stamps guaranteed genuine, C.v. $1,600
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1050 **   246a imp

General Issues

This and following sections of Ukraine catalogued by Scott unless otherwise noted

1996, Airplane Designer Oleg Antonov, 20,000kb-40,000kb, imperforated se-tenant block of four, full OG, NH, VF
1051 ** P  253-55 imp
1996, Churches and Cathedrals, 20k multicolored, set of three imperforated values, one of which with label and two proofs with denomination 20,000kb, full OG, NH, VF
1052 **   260a imp
1996, Lynx and Brown Bear, 20k multicolored, horizontal imperforated se-tenant pair with label in the middle, full OG, NH, VF
1053  299
1998, Frigate "Hetman Sahaidachnyi", 30k multicolored, imperforated proof on self-adhesive paper, bottom sheet margin vertical pair with labels at left, backing paper intact, VF
1054 **   214/329 imp

Nice Group of Modern Imperforated Stamps

1995-98, 35 stamps in singles or pairs, some with sheet margins, including Hetmans, Atlanta Olympic Games, Handicrafts, Independence, Space, Great Personalities and etc., we found just one stamp with slight corner crease, nice quality overall, full OG, NH, VF
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1055  197/330

Imperforated Proofs
Nice Assemblage

1994-98, 15 imperforated proofs, including 13 singles and one se- tenant pair, many with sheet margins, full OG, NH, VF
1056 **   233/310 imp

Balance of Imperforated Issues

1996-98, Vasyl Stefanyk, Volodymyr Sosiura, Christmas of 1996 and 1000th Jubilee of Halych, the total is seven imperforated stamps, including three pairs, full OG, NH, VF
1057    B1a, B3a-4a

Semi - Postal issues

1923, "Famine Relief", 10+10krb, 90+30krb and 150+50krb, set of three in imperforated pairs used on registered cover from Kharkiv to Berlin together with seven other values (one - on reverse),arrival ds and all appropriate markings, two light folds away from the stamps, still F/VF and rare, Z. Mikulski certificate
1058 **   

Collection of General Issues

1918-2002, starting with "Shahiv" issue, including complete set of money stamps, Odessa surcharges, semi-postal sets on unwatermarked and watermarked paper, then practically complete of modern issues for the period, less just one stamp (No.415), including joint issue with US without denomination (No.285), nice quality unit, full OG, NH, VF
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1059  49-50, var


1919, black surcharges on "Shahiv" issue, 35k/10sh buff and 70k/50sh red, two blocks of four with Avdeyevka cancellation, first one with provisional perforation, fresh and VF, each one with penciled plate positions on reverse, C.v. $280++
1060  M1-14

Courier-Field Post issue

1920, black surcharges on "Shahiv" issue, 10gr/10sh-10gr/50sh, 20gr/10sh- 20gr/40sh and 40gr/10sh-40gr/40sh, set of 12 (less three stamps for completion), full OG, mainly LH, VF, C.v. $860