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Lots 1034 - 1040,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #78, May 31, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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1902, stationery postcard 4k red, sent from Dal'ny via Port Arthur and Moscow to Denmark, posted to the mail at 17th Field Post Office (Priamur Okrug) located in Dal'ny, appropriate transit and arrival markings, VF
1911, incoming postcard from Moscow to station Handaokhetze of Chinese Eastern Railroad, franked by 3k red, all appropriate markings, VF and scarce
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1036  134
1920, 7r green and rose, imperforated single tied by "Imyangpo. Chinese Eastern Railroad Station" date stamp, fresh quality, VF, according to Tchilinghirian this cancellation on a "rub" value has rank "RRR"
1037    73-75, 77, 79
1920, set of six surcharged values, including red surcharge 10k on 10k dark blue, erroneously cancelled by Harbin date stamp of 1919 ("25.10.19") instead of 1920 on registered cover to Amiens via Japanese PO in China(27.11.20) and Paris (6.1.21), Russian and French registered labels, postmarked "7.1.21" on arrival, VF and very scarce
1038 */U   1/80

Collection on Stockpages

1899-1920, 106 mint or used (45) stamps, including the first issue, then mainly part sets with nothing special, and finally complete set of Harbin surcharges in nice condition (C.v. $637), minor flaws mentioned in early material, full OG or used, F/VF, the total C.v. $1,587
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Picture Postcard Collections

1902-04's, 28 black-and-white and color PPC, representing views of Mukden, Dal'ny, Port Arthur and etc., one foldout contains two cards and other scarce items, 26 unused and2 used, some flaws mentioned, vast majority printed in Russia, mostly VF
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1904, 20 black-and-white PPC, showing various views of Chinese city Harbin, which was under Russian influence, 18 unused and two used, most printed in Russia, minor flaws noted, mainly F/ VF
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