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Lots 1075 - 1084,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #81, March 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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1924-26, State Fishery Syndicate, black and white label with worker 8k olive brown is affixed over, used in 1926, F/VF and scarce
1924-25, multicolored label of Gubernia Enterprise "Grain Commodities", worker 8k olive is affixed over, postally used, VF and scarce
1077 **/(*)   336-38, 338-41, A
1925, 20th Anniversary of the Revolution of 1905, imperforated and perforated complete sets of three, mostly marginal blocks of four, imperforated blocks are expertly regummed, perforated 3k and 14k with perforation L12 1/2, 7k - comb 12x12 1/2, one stamp has tiny natural inclusion, full OG, NH, fresh quality overall, VF appearance
1078    339-41
1925, 20th Anniversary of the Revolution of 1905, 3k-14k, perforated complete set of three used on registered cover in Moscow, appropriate postmarks and arrival ds on reverse, VF
1079 **   SC #0120-27
1926, definitive issue, 7k-5r, imperforated complete set of eight on improved white wove paper, blocks of four, perfect condition, full OG, NH, VF
1080  SC #0121
1926, definitive issue on improved paper, complete set of five imperforated trial color proofs of worker 8k in blue, yellow, carmine, magenta and green, printed on white chalk-surfaced paper, nice margins, full OG with minor waves, NH, VF
1081 **   347-48
1926, Esperanto Congress, 7k blue green and red, 14k blue green and violet, complete set of two, unfolded sheet margin blocks of four, 14k has top margin and labels (gutter) at right (vertical fold along the gutter), full OG, NH, VF
1082    347-48
1926, registered cover sent from Esperanto Congress in Leningrad to Voronezh (address written in Esperanto), franked by complete set of two, tied by Congress "10.8.26" special date stamp, Voronezh arrival "19.8.26" marking, VF and rare
1083 **   349, a, 350, 353-58
1927, black or red surcharge 8k on soldier 7k brown and commemorative stamps, complete set of nine, full OG, NH, VF
1084 **   349 var
1927, definitive issue, black double surcharge (one albino) 8k on soldier 7k brown, in addition the first surcharge has no dot after "kop" variety, perforation 14 1/2x15, tiny spot of toned gum, nice quality otherwise, full OG, NH, VF