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Catalogue of Stamp Auction #80, December 14, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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1113  1/39

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1926-33, 37 mint stamps, representing Wheel of Truth with later surcharges, Pictorial set with later surcharges and large size surcharge 15k on Revenue stamp of 6k, the total is six issues, full OG, mainly LH, F/VF, C.v. $1,010
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1114  1/31

Collection on Album Pages

1923, 42 mint stamps, including "Star" overprints and both definitive perforated and imperforated sets, No.11 expertized by K. Lissiuk, No.12 seems questionable, nice quality overall, full OG or no gum as issued, mostly VF, guaranteed C.v. $435
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Catalogued by Comprehensive Catalogue of Ukrainian Philately by John Bulat)

Trident Overprints

1918, violet overprint (type 2a) on Romanov Dynasty 2r orange brown, full OG, previously hinged, VF and scarce, this stamp is not listed in Bulat Cat., expertized by K. Lissiuk
1116 **   527, var
1918, violet overprint (type 2gg) on 3.50r maroon and green, two stamps, one have top left corner margin, the other one has inverted overprint, full OG, NH, VF and scarce, both expertized by Dr. Seichter, C.v. $400 for two stamps with normal overprint, inverted one is not listed
1117 */U   11/642

Collection on Stockpages

1918, 1138 mint or used (about 200) stamps, representing all existing three types of overprint, highlights included: perforated complete set of type 1 with 5r value, several overprints in error black or green colors, in type 2 presented single handstamp on 3.50r (type 2f), Romanov Dynasty stamps with type 2gg, range of local tridents presenting Zhytomyr type 1, Chernihiv type 1, Gomel, Sarny and unrecorded manuscript surcharge "1 rub" over type 2 on imperforated 1k orange, postally used, generally fresh quality unit, full OG or used, F/VF, C.v. $2,400++
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1118 **/*   666, a


1918, black overprint (type 1, multiple handstamp 2) on 7k light blue, three side margin horizontal strip of five, side stamps with double overprints, full OG, NH or LH (1), VF, C.v. $205++
1119 **   767
1918, black overprint (reprint of type 3) on 10r carmine, yellow and gray, complete sheet of 50 with six "V" labels, some perf separations and marginal flaws, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $750++
1120  661/74

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1918, 297 mostly mint stamps (5 - used), representing three different types of overprints, including 24 inverted or double overprints of type 1, unlisted reprints on Romanov Dynasty stamps of 1r, 2r and 3r (each one signed by Dzenis), four large blocks of 1r (formerly sheet of 50 with 6 label), provisional perforation 11 1/2, bearing overprint of type 2 (each stamp guaranteed by U.P.V.), plus many more, nice condition overall, full OG, mostly VF
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1121 */U   818/64

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1918, 271 mostly mint stamps (26 - used), including type 2 overprint on imperforated 3.50r in block of three plus label, bottom right stamp with inverted overprint, forming tete-beche pair, nice quality collection, full OG or used, F/VF
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1122    948, 951


1918, two perforated stamps with violet overprint (type 1) of 10k and 15k, used on reverse of cover from Khmelyv to Moscow, all appropriate markings and arrival ds, ex-Dr. Seichert
1123  1017/25
1918, green or greenish blue overprints (type 1) on perforated 2k-70k and imperforated 1k, set of eight values, full OG, two stamps are NH, others - LH, VF, stamps of 50k and 70k expertized by UPV and Dr. Zelonka, all are from the Dr. Zelonka Collection, C.v. $1,625
1124 */U   943/1055

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1918, 56 mint or used (13) stamps, representing 54 values of the type 1 and 2 - of type 2, among better of type 1 violet overprint on 7k and of type 2 black overprint on perforated 3.50r, fresh quality material, full OG or used, F/VF, C.v. $750
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1125  1127/32


1918, black overprint (type 3) on perforated 20k, 50k, 70k x2, and two imperforated 1k, different varieties of overprints (doubled or inverted) and basic stamps (shifted background or center, pre-printed paper fold),full OG, LH or hinged, VF, most valuable stamps expertized by J. Bulat, UPV, Dr. Seichter and etc.
1126 **   1153/90
1918, black overprint on 5k claret, vertical pair, top stamp has overprint type 4, while bottom one with overprint type 5a, full OG, NH, fine, each one expertized by J. Bulat
1127 */U   1058/356

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1918, 715 mostly mint stamps (112 - used), representing all existing ten types of overprints, including perforated 1k (type 1), imperforated 7r (type 4), perforated 15k in block of four, top stamps with inverted overprints (type 5a), perforated 5r (type 5d) and much more, nice quality unit, full OG or used, F/VF, C.v. is about $1,000
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1128 **   1379, var


1918, black overprint (type 1a) on 7k light blue, complete pane of 25, four stamps have double overprint, one (position 2) has triple overprint and top left stamp without overprint varieties, lightly folded once along horizontal perforation, fresh, full OG, NH, VF, each stamp expertized by J. Bulat