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Lots 1433 - 1452,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #81, March 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
Net Price
1433  612

Catalogued by Comprehensive Catalogue of Ukrainian Philately by John Bulat

Trident Overprints

1918, black overprint (type 3) on 3.50r black and gray, printed on vertically laid paper, bottom sheet margin single with overprint on stamp and margin, cancelled on a piece, VF, expertized by J. Schlesinger, C.v. $150++
1434 **   613/28a
1918, double black or dark brown overprint (type 3) on 1k-70k, set of five values, full OG, NH (1k unused, no gum), VF, expertized by UPV, E. Kobylanski and etc.
1435 **   748b


1918, inverted black overprint (type 3) on 1r brown, pale brown and orange, complete sheet of 50 with 6 labels, insignificant perf separation possible on margins mostly, full OG, NH (LH on margins), VF, expertized by Dr. Zelonka, C.v. 1,500
1436  943-57


1918, violet overprint (type 1) on perforated stamps of 2k-70k, complete set of 14 (stamp of 14k unknown in mint condition), full/large part of OG, VF, properly expertized, C.v. $464
1437  1030
1918, black overprint (type 2) on 7r black and yellow, printed on vertically laid paper, full OG, LH, VF, expertized by Dr. Keiler, C.v. $275
1438  1149b/59c


1918, black surcharge (type 4) on 1k-20k, four horizontal tete-beche pairs, block of four and four vertical pairs with overprint on one stamp placed sideways, full OG, mainly LH or hinged, VF and scarce group, two items expertized by UPV or Dr. Seichter
1439  1344/56
1918, black overprint (type 6b) on 3k-7r, set of eight postally used values, 3k on a piece, mainly fresh, F/VF, each stamp properly expertized, C.v. $1,370
1440    756, 1402


1919, large part of money order for 300rub, sent from Husiatyn to Kamenets, mixed franking by high values of Kharkiv and Podilia tridents, fresh, VF and quite scarce
1441 */U   1372/2189

Outstanding Collection in Blue Stockbook

1918, 350 mostly mint stamps (46 - used), representing 49 different types of overprint from 1a to 16d, including some valuable stamps, such as No.1549, 1995 and 2006, which are listed, but not priced in the Cat., numerous stamps with C.v. over $100 and many more, premium quality unit, full OG or used, F/VF, most valuable stamps properly expertized, C.v. is over $7,000
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1442  2289

Local Trident Overprints

1918, violet overprint on imperforated 1k orange, postal cancellations, nice margins, VF and rare in such condition, illustrated in the Dr. Ceresa handbook, expertized by Dr. Seichter
1443  2297


1918, black overprint on perforated 20k blue and carmine, neat postal cancellation, VF and scarce, expertized by J. Bulat
1444  2342

Chernihiv Type 2

1918, gray black overprint on imperforated 2k green, nice margins all around, full OG, LH, VF and scarce, expertized by Dr. Seichter
1445  2349

Fasova (Kyiv Gub.)

1918, black overprint on perforated 1k orange, used with a part of clear postal cancellation, fresh, VF and rare, ex-Dr. Zelonka
1446 **/*   2364/89


1918, red overprints on perforated 2k-10r and imperforated 1k-7r singles, pairs and blocks, the total is 95 mint stamps, including high values with "V" labels overprinted on stamps and labels, one inverted and one double overprints, nice quality overall, full OG, mainly NH, F/VF, expensive stamps properly expertized, C.v. $2,900
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1447    2457-58


1918, hand-written overprint in violet ink on imperforated 2k green and 3k red, used together with two stamps bearing Kyiv type 1 overprints and General stamp of 20sh brown on postcard from Novobilytsia to Gomel, VF philatelic item
1448  2478

Sarny Type 2

1918, black overprint on 7r green and pink, postal cancellation of Sarny "3.1.19", fresh, VF, C.v. $250
1449  2504, 2509-10

Zhitomyr Type 3

1918, violet overprint on perforated 20k on 14k, imperforated 15k and 70k, all are postally used, first one on a piece, VF, both imperforated stamps expertized by J. Bulat and A. Popov
1450 */U   

Mainly Official Reprints of the Local Tridents
Collection on Exhibition Pages

1918, 71 mostly mint stamps, arranged on seven pages from a Collection, representing issues of Barashi, Berezno, Chernihiv Types 1 and 2,Hanebne, each stamp is bearing NKVT (Ministry of International Trade) handstamp in red, fresh condition, F/VF and very difficult group to assemble together
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1451 (*)   1c-4c

Famine Relief Issue

1923, 10+10krb - 150+50krb, imperforated complete set in horizontal pairs, expertly regummed, nice quality otherwise, VF appearance
1452 **   

National Council Issues

1948-54, L'viv, Unification of Ukraine, Red Cross and Underground Post issue of 1954, four perforated and three imperforated sets, in addition ROA issue (Vlassov Army), complete set of five, 1r used, others - mint, all with full OG, NH, VF