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Lots 273 - 318,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #82, June 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
273 **   998
1968, Mao as Young Man, 8f multicolored, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $180
274 **   1011-15, 1046
1969-70, Defense of Damansky Islands and Mounted Patrol, 8f, 35f and 43f, complete set of five and a single, fresh quality, no gum as issued, NH, VF, C.v. $140
275 **   1047-52
1970, Opera "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy", 8f multicolored, complete set of six, no gum as issued, NH, VF, C.v. $183
276 **   1452
1078, Hsiang-kiang River Bridge, $2 multicolored, souvenir sheet, perfect unoxidized gold, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $300
277 **   1617
1980, Lotus, $1 multicolored, souvenir sheet in flawless quality, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $300
278  1L1/176

Northeast China
Starting Collection

1946-50, over 100 mint stamps, mainly complete sets, including reprints of Lantern, Globe and Hammer, Chairman Mao, Picasso Dove, Flags, Stalin and Mao, both definitive sets and more, one stamp has rounded corner, fresh quality overall, no gum as produced, F/VF, C.v. $1,400++
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279 **   1L140-49, 1L164-75, fn
1950-51, Gate of Heavenly Peace, $500-$50,000 and $250-$20,000, two complete sets of 10 and 12 with narrow and wide shadings, as well as $50,000 with wide shading on watermarked paper, all are fresh, no gum as produced, NH, mostly VF
280 **   2L35 var

Port Arthur and Dairen

1947, Kwantung Postal Service, inverted black surcharge 20y on Manchukuo stamp of 30f buff, slightly dry full original gum, NH, VF, Yang #AD31a
281 **   C11 var

Air Post stamps

1920, Compania Colombiana, (10c) gray green and (10c) brownish red, two vertical se-tenant pairs, very fresh condition, no gum as produced, NH, VF, C.v. $240++
282    CLA27

SCADTA Flight cover

1924, mixed franking cover from Hamburg to Bogota, franked by five German adhesives and Colombian 30c blue with "A" overprint in horizontal strip of four, upon surface arrival to Colombia posted to Flight "Barranquilla - Girardot" and then for ground delivery to Bogota, underpaid and marked "T. 0.30", arrival ds, minor conveyance flaws, still F/VF, mounted on page from a Collection
283 **   37, var
1899, Poseidon's Trident with Stars, 1gr blue, two blocks of four, one of which have no control markings (centered to the bottom), the other one has right stamps with dot after "Σ" variety, full OG, NH, F/VF
284 **/*   46a
1899, Poseidon's Trident with Stars, 1gr violet, block of four without control markings, imperforated vertically between stamps, in addition left values with a dot after "Σ" variety, full OG, NH or LH (top stamps),VF, C.v. $500 as hinged
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285 */U   10/46

Collection on a Stockpage

1899, Coat of Arms on laid paper (two stamps with small thins), two complete sets of Poseidon Tridents without stars (no black stamps) and with stars, the total is 35 stamps (couple stamps with minor faults), fresh quality overall, full OG or used, F/VF, C.v. $2,750
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286  80
1905, Zeus as Bull Abducting Europa, imperforated composite proof of 1d in light blue and black, central design is affixed over, printed on medium thick paper, no gum as produced, VF, P. Holcombe certificate stated:"This issue colour proof without perforation is very scarce, a few are known"
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287 ** P  B33-36

Semi - Postal issues

1943, Croatian Legion, 1+0.50k- 9+4.50k, perforated and imperforated complete sets in blocks of four, set in blocks imperforated vertically and 33 blocks of imperforated trial color proofs (nine or eight different for each value),including four proofs without text and denomination and several with shift parts of the design, full OG, NH, VF and a colorful assemblage, Croatian Actual Market Value Cat. at least €1,500
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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
288  80 var
1920, Allegory of Science and Agriculture, 500h deep green, opened pre-printing paper fold, postally used, expertized by Dr. Gilbert, in addition Hradcany imperforated proof with double (one inverted)impression of 5h and 15h, both are fresh and VF
289  584
1953, Death of President K. Gottwald, imperforated proof of 1.50k in black, unaccepted design, printed on thick glazed paper, bottom right corner margin copy, no gum as issued, VF, expertized by F. Benes
290 (*)   2527 var
1984, Los Angeles Olympic Games, 1k multicolored, unissued stamp due to boycott of the Games by Communist countries, minor usual corner flaws, unused, no gum as always exists, VF and rare, vast majority of these stamps were completely destroyed, J. Majer certificate, Yvert #2600 var, €7,500
291  1-3, a, var

Legion Post in Siberia

1919-20, Cathedral, Armored Train and Soldier, 25k-1r, small study includes 43 mint stamps, representing imperforated and perforated original issues and perforated reprints of various types (all identified),fresh quality, full OG, NH or hinged, F/VF
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2, 3, 4
292 * P  4-14
1920, Arms (25k) blue and rose, black overprint "1920" on (25c) and green surcharges over "1920", 2(k)-1r, two singles and complete set of nine, in addition proof sheetlet of two stamps in brown and rose, full OG, LH or hinged, VF, expertized by J. Franek, J. Mrnak and others, C.v. $328 for stamps only
293  1-14


1919-20, Irkutsk set of reprints and Coat of Arms, complete set of 11, including stamps without and with overprint and complete set of surcharges, fresh quality, full OG, LH, VF
294    2
1856, 10k rose, very well margined single, used on entire wrapper from Helsingfors to St. Petersburg, tied by boxed "16.12.1856" (Gregorian style) date stamp, another marking is alongside, postmarked on arrival"7.Dec.1856" (Julian style), horizontal fold, otherwise F/VF, C.v. $2,850

Russian Stamps used in the Grand Duchy Finland

1900-17, 43 postal history items and 16 used stamps on 34 exhibition style pages, neatly described, mostly addressed to foreign destinations, shown various franko, porto and transit markings, three franked by Romanov Dynasty stamps, eleven from the World War I period bearing different censorship markings, six of which franked by the World War I Charity issue, generally very fresh, F/VF or better, rarely offered material
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296 U W  37
1869, Napoleon III, 5fr gray lilac, three used singles with different cancellations, minor usual faults, fresh colors, VF appearance, C.v. $2,250
297 **   113 var
1900, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity 5c green, top left corner margin single, imperforated at the top due to foldover, full OG, NH (hinged on margin far away from the stamp), VF and a spectacular error
298 */U   

Large Collection in Orange Brown Leather Stockbook

1849-1973, over 2100 mint or used stamps and one souvenir sheet, starting with various definitives of Ceres and Napoleon III (some mixed condition), practically complete from 1932 and apparently NH from 1938, postage, semi-postal, air post, dues, other back of the book and some colonies, several better items such as S.S. Normandy 1.50fr in pale blue, nice range of Marseillaise issue, valuable air post stamps and etc., full/part of OG or used, F/VF overall, C.v. $13,800
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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33

Aviation Pioneers Postcard Collection in Burgundy Leather Lighthouse Album

1909, over 200 black-and-white PPC, printed in Rheims or Paris, representing airplanes, pilots and service areas during Grand Aviation Week in Champagne on August 22-29, 1909, as well as views of aircraft, dirigibles and balloons during various Pioneer and Air Show Flights or on aerodromes. Beautiful quality material, apparently all are unused, VF and ready for expansion or breaking down for internet sales
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300 **   851B var

Central African Republic (former French Equatorial Africa)

1987, 10th Anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, inverted red overprint over black surcharge 485fr on 70fr multicolored, complete pane of 20 (5x4), full OG, NH, VF,A. Rendon certificate
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301 **/*   177-81

French India

1942, blue or red overprint "France Libre" on Exposition issue of 1937, 8ca-2fa12ca, complete set of five, full OG, NH or VLH (No.179), VF and scarce, only 300 stamps with overprint on 16ca were printed, Dallay#219II/23II, €1,660
302 */U   25/209

Collection on Stockpages

1914-46, 181 mostly mint stamps (11 - used), very well completed unit for the period, including postage, semi-postal, air post and dues, some better surcharges, imperforated Chad to Rhine set and many others, fresh condition, full OG or used, F/VF, Dallay C.v. €2,350
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2, 3, 4
303 **   731A-B

Ivory Coast (former part of French West Africa)

1984, Bushbuck and Serval, complete set of two, full OG, NH, VF, this set was issued in very limited quantity, C.v. $150
304    139, C19

French Morocco
Zeppelin Flight

June 3-6, 1933, 2nd South America Flight registered cover from Casablanca to Brazil, franked by four values, tied by "31.5.33" Casablanca ds, Barcelona boxed transit marking "2.JUN.33", Spanish confirmation cachet in violet, Pernambuco "6.VI.33" arrival postmark, VF and scarce, only a few Morocco items were carried by direct flight through Barcelona (without German connection and confirmation), mentioned, but not priced either in Sieger or Michel Cat.
305  87-88

French Southern and Antarctic Territories

1979, Discovery of Amsterdam Island, Sebastian de el Cano and Sailing Ship "Victoria", 1.40fr and 4fr, three-side margin strip of five trial color imperforated proofs for each denomination, four monochromatic (three different) and one dichromatic, both with marginal control markings, full OG, NH, VF
306 **   

Nice Collection in Blue Stockbook

1948-2008, 462 mint stamps and 13 souvenir sheets forming complete collection up to 2001 and presents items of 2006-08, all valuable stamps are included, excellent quality unit, full OG, NH, mainly VF, C.v. is about $4,500, Dallay C.v. is over €7,200
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307 **   150-51 var


1941, black surcharges 1f on 1.25f carmine and on 1.40f lilac, two sheet margin horizontal pairs, left stamp of each pair without surcharge, full OG, NH, VF, Dallay #227c-28d, €1,150
308 **   Dallay #1-7, 10

Forces Francaises Libres (French Corps in Levant)

1942- 43, surcharges on stamps of Syria, Camels and Ruins of Palmyra, Arms of Air Forces, surcharge of 4fr on 6.50fr and airplane surcharge 4fr on 3fr, the total is156 mint stamps in singles and blocks plus three souvenir sheets, one with back offset of the central design, fresh quality, full OG, NH or unused, no gum (ruins set), VF, C.v. is€1,200++
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2, 3, 4, 5, 6
309 ** P  

Imperforated Stamps and Proofs

1945-58, 76 stamps and 24 trial color imperforated proofs, representing issues of 18 different colonies, postage and air post, some nice topical items, perfect quality unit, full OG, NH (two stamps are LH), VF, Dallay C.v. €2,500, proofs are not catalogued
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2, 3, 4

French Colonies - Ship Mail Collection

1899-31, nine postal history items including two covers and seven postcards or stationery postcards (2), neatly identified on stockpages, representing various packet-boat cancellations, posted in the mail in Shanghai, Saigon, Tonkin, Tourane, Hanoi and Dakar, most is addressed to Europe, minor conveyance flaws are possible, generally F/VF or better
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2, 3, 4
311  62-64, 65A
1900, "Reichspost", 1m-5m, complete set of four, stamps of 2m and 3m is type I, 5m is type II, nice quality, full OG, LH, VF, Mi #63-66II, €900
312 **   B33

Semi - Postal issues

1930, IPOSTA, International Philatelic Exhibition in Berlin, 8pf-50pf, souvenir sheet of four, appropriate size 104x148mm, full OG (on stamps only), NH, VF, Mi Block 1, €1,600
313  B58
1933, "10 Jahre Deutsche Nothilfe", 5pf-50pf, souvenir sheet of four with black overprint "1923-1933" on each stamp, appropriate size 209x148mm, perfect condition, full OG on stamps only, very light trace of one hinge mark on margin, appears completely NH, VF, expert's hs on each stamp, C.v. $1,450, Mi Block 2, €1,500
314 **/U   B91-92, B105
1936-37, Berlin Olympic Games, complete set of two souvenir sheets, in addition 4th "Brown Ribbon" Horse Racing, souvenir sheet of four, first ones with full OG, NH, the last one with appropriate Munchen-Riem cancellation, all are VF, Mi Blocks 5-6, 10, €390
315 **   B141-43
1939, Nurburgring Auto Races, overprinted issue, complete set of three, full OG, NH, VF, each stamp expertized by H.-D. Schlegel, Mi #695-97, €280
316 **   B314-15
1950, Bicentenary of the Death of Johann S. Bach, complete set of two in sheets of 50, some perf separations, generally fresh quality unit, full OG, NH, VF, Mi #121-22, €6,000++
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317 SB  Mi MH11.1A

Stamp Booklets

1919, Germania, 3m unexploited booklet, containing five panes separated by interleaves, text "Amol Das Hausmittel" inside front cover and "Hohenzollern" on reverse, red lettering on orange paper, numbered "8" at the bottom left, nice quality, VF, C.v. €800
318 SB  Mi MH13a, b
1920, Germania, two 4m unexploded booklets, each one containing five panes separated by interleaves, perforated and imperforated margins respectively, text "Amol Das Hausmittel" on reverse, red lettering on orange paper, each one numbered "1" at the bottom left, nice quality, VF, C.v. €780