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Lots 310 - 318,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #80, December 14, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
310 **   2A var
1920, National issue, 20k multicolored, in addition black color printed on reverse and placed upside down, top sheet margin horizontal pair, no gum as issued, NH, VF
311  35 var
1922, black metal surcharge 50,000r on 3r brown and blue, vertical tete-beche pair, one stamp has inverted surcharge, in addition a single with double surcharge, no gum as produced, VF
312  54-55
1922, second re-valuation, black surcharges 300,000r over 50,000r on 300r brown and blue, 500,000r over 66,000r on 2000r blue and black, two values, fresh, no gum as produced, VF, expert's guarantees on reverse, C.v. $1,400
313  65, 68
1922, black or violet downwards rubber surcharges 100,000r on 2r black and 200,000r on 25r orange brown, no gum as issued, VF, each stamp with K. Lissiuk guarantees
314  302, 304
1922, Provisional violet overprint "Бакинской П. К." on 150r blue and 400r blue, two postally used values, mostly VF, each stamp with expert's guarantee hs, C.v. $175
315  323-30, var
1922, Provisional violet overprint "Бакинского Г.П.Т.О. №1", 1r-5000r, complete set of ten, no gum as issued, VF, each stamp with several experts' hs on reverse
316  331-33
1922, Provisional overprint "Бакинского Г.П.Т.О. №1" over re-valuating surcharges 10,000r on 1r, 15,000r on 5r, 50,000r on 3000r, complete set of three, no gum as issued, VF, each stamp with several experts' hs on reverse, C.v. $1,500
317 Mi 58 II var
1922, Provisional violet overprint "Баку" over inverted black re-valuating surcharge 50,000r on 3000r brown and blue, Baku postal cancellation, still fresh and VF and very rare, several experts' guarantees on reverse
318  1/309, B1-2

Nice Looking Collection on Pages

1919-23, 88 mint stamps, representing National issue on grayish paper and Soviet issue with further 1st and 2nd metal revaluating surcharges, some Provisional overprints and surcharges for using in Transcaucasia, fresh quality, no gum as produced, VF, C.v. $1,650
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