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Lots 323 - 339,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #79, September 14, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
Net Price
323  246
1929, Le Havre Philatelic Exhibition, dark blue overprint on 2fr orange and light blue, perfectly centered, full OG, LH, VF, expertized by H. Bloch, Dallay #257B, €1,000
324 **   611/1224
1948-68, Polar Expeditions, 15fr indigo, horizontal imperforated pair and a single (1948), imperforated epreuve de luxe of 40c in greenish blue and red brown, in addition horizontal imperforated pair trial color proofs(1968), as well as Birds, imperforated complete set of four, all items with full OG, NH, proof sheet has no gum as issued, VF, Dallay C.v. €745++
325  616/20
1949, Arms of French Provinces, set of four compound artist's proofs, each one with three designs in black-and-white, printed on thin card (2fr) or chalky paper (10c, 50c and 4fr), each one is signed by artist at the bottom, all are fresh and VF
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326  J1-14, J12a-14a

General issues
Postage Due stamps

1884-86, Numerals, 1c-5fr, complete set of 17, including unissued 1fr, 2fr and 5fr in black, ample to enlarged margins, neatly mounted on quadrille Album page, full OG, LH, VF, Dallay #1-11,12-14, 15-17, €1,660, Scott C.v. $1,332
327 **   178/223, C14-17

Overprint "France Libre" Mostly Multiples Collection

1943, Landscapes and Scenes, New York World's Fair, Airplanes, 521 mint stamps, mainly in blocks of four or ten, representing numerous overprint varieties, fresh quality unit, we mention a few stamps with insignificant toned spots, full OG, NH, mainly VF, Dallay C.v. €2,030++
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328 */U   

Comoros Islands
Classic Assembly

1892-1912, Navigation and Commerce and later surcharges, 92 mint or used (23) stamps, representing issues of Grand Comoro, Anjouan, Mayotte and Moheli, nice quality unit, full/large part of OG or used, F/VF, Dallay C.v. €1,650
329 **   2NC1-4, 3N1-8

Fezzan-Ghadames (French Occupation of Libya)

1948-51, Airplanes and Cross of Agadem, three imperforated complete sets, the total is 12 stamps, most with sheet margins, full OG, NH, VF, Dallay C.v. €1,150
330 **/*   80/127, C10/16

French Equatorial Africa
Collection of "Libre" Overprints

1940-41, Governor Victor Liotard, Pierre Savorgnan, Emil Gentil, Paul Crampel, Scenes, Airplanes, 188 mint or used (14) stamps, singles and blocks of four, nice quality, full OG, mainly NH (12 stamps - LH), mostly VF, Dallay C.v. €2,060
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331  156A, 166a

French India

1942, blue "France Libre" overprint over 18ca on 40c rose and black, and on 1fa6ca orange and black, two postally used values, fresh quality, VF, C.v. $600, Dallay #206, 210 IIa
332 **/*   166, 170 var
1942, carmine error "Prance Libre" overprint on 1fa6ca and on 2fa12ca, two values, full OG, first one is NH, the other one - LH, VF, Dallay #210 IIb, 213 IIb, €240
333 **/*   177-81
1942, blue or red overprint "France Libre" on Exposition issue of 1937, 8ca-2fa12ca, complete set of five, including the "key" value of 16ca carmine (only 300 printed), full OG, NH or VLH (No.179), VF, Dallay #219II/23II, €1,660
334 **   157/209

"France Libre" Overprints
Nice Group

1942-43, Brahma and View of Temple, set of 52 values (less three for completion), including two stamps of the first printing (#158 and 161, both hinged), nice quality unit, full OG, mainly NH, VF, Dallay C.v. €1,585
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335 **   C29-36

French Madagascar
Air Post stamps

1942, black overprints or surcharges "France Libre" on Airplane and Map of Madagascar stamps, 8f-50f, 1f/1.25f-8f/8.50f, set of eight in blocks of ten (less two low values for completion),full OG, NH, VF, Dallay #49/53, 54-56, €860
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336    186, 194, 204

New Caledonia

July 21-24, First Pan American Airways Flight cover from Noumea to San Francisco, addressed to Honolulu, three overprinted values franking, green cachet of flight itinerary, Pan Am violet confirmation marking, San Francisco drop and Honolulu arrival ds, VF
337 **   150-51, B14, C10/23

French Polynesia (Oceania)

1945-47, Eboue, Liberation, Chad to Rhine and Sailing Ships, six imperforated complete issues, the total is 16 stamps, including block of four, most with sheet margins, full OG, NH, VF, Dallay C.v. €570
338 **   121b

Saint Pierre and Miquelon

1925, triple black surcharge 25c on Fisherman stamp of 15c violet and rose, full OG, NH, VF, Dallay #114f, €350
339 **   210
1942, black overprint "France Libre F.N.F.L." on Lighthouse and Fish stamp of 45c red and green, nicely centered, full OG, NH, VF, Dallay #246, €400