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Lots 391 - 396,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #81, March 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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Selection of Better Items

1914-59, seven complete issues, Gibraltar - Queen Elizabeth II, first set; "BMA Malaya" - King George VI; New Hebrides postage (NH, but with usual slight gum toning) and dues of 1938; New Zealand -Lake Scenery; Nigeria, King George V- the first issue and St. Lucia, King George V definitive set, the total is 74 mint stamps, full OG, all are LH, mainly VF, SG C.v. £1,240
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Six Complete Definitive Issues

1952-61, Bahamas - two first sets of Queen Elizabeth II, Falkland Islands - second set of King George VI, Gambia - two first sets of Queen Elizabeth II and Virgin Islands - first set of Queen Elizabeth II, numbered by SG, nice topical material, fresh quality, full OG, LH or VLH, mostly VF, C.v. £710
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393 **/*   

Group of Early Queen Elizabeth II Topical Sets

1961-75, 13 practically complete issues (missing just two cheap stamps), from Birds of Ascension to Birds of Turks and Caicos, nice and fresh unit, full OG, mainly VLH (two sets are NH), VF, SG C.v. £560
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Group of Official Correspondences

1847-48, five entire letters, send from local districts, Yerevan Consistory or Aleksandropol' Police, bearing appropriate wax seals, addressed to Yerevan Uezd Court, City Police or volost Karaklis, usual folds, VF condition of these very scarce and rarely offered items, individual description is enclosed
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1915, free-frank military postcard from Akstafa to 4th Armenian Militia Unit consisting of Caucasian Army, addressed to a volunteer Francesco Danielyants, no backstamp, VF
396 **   1b, var
1919, black handstamped surcharge "k.60.k" on imperforated 1k orange, bottom sheet margin block of ten (2x5), block of four at the bottom without the surcharge, two horizontal folds - one between stamps, the other one - on margin, still full OG, NH, VF