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Catalogue of Stamp Auction #81, March 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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5    146, 160

Postal History of the Western Ukrainian Republic

1919, registered cover from Sniatyn to Kolomyia District Court, franked by Austrian Arms of 5h yellow green in horizontal pair and 2k blue, appropriate Sniatyn ds, VF
6    154, J50
1919, small size registered cover from Jaworow to Vinnytsia, franked by Austrian Arms 40h olive in horizontal pair and due of 10h red, used as postage stamp, undelivered and returned to sender, all appropriate markings, VF and scarce mailing outside Western Ukrainian Republic
7  158, 169
1919, Austrian Arms 90h lake in vertical pair (defected), tied by circular District Military Command in Zbarash handstamp, and Emperor Karl I of 20h bluish green with oval postal marking of Yaseniv Horishnyi, fine and scarce
8    168
1919, registered cover from Yaseniv Horishnyi to Stanyslaviv, registration marking posted in Kolomyia, franked by Emperor Karl I 20h bluish green in horizontal pair, tied by appropriate violet oval postmark, merchant four-line hs at the top left, light vertical fold did not affect the stamps, F/VF and very rare, illustrated in the Bulat Cat.
9    169
1919, postcard from Stanyslaviv to Kolomyia, franked by Emperor Karl I 20h bluish green, appropriate date stamp and two censorship markings of Kolomyia (violet) and Stanyslaviv (black), VF and very rare
10    169, 171
1919, registered cover from Chortkiv to Stanyslaviv, franked by four Emperor Karl I stamps, tied by circular Ukrainian Post Office in Chortkiv marking, VF and very rare mailing from a small town
11    171
1919, small size registered cover from Trembowla to Kyiv, franked by 30h violet in horizontal strip of three on reverse, undelivered and returned to Trembowla, all appropriate markings, mostly VF and very rare item from small town addressed to Eastern Ukraine