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Lots 502 - 512,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #80, December 14, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
502 **   C31, var
1942, black Bars overprint over First Flight surcharge 50c on 5c green, tete-beche block of four triangle stamps, left stamp with added bars, which are longer and thinner then original ones, pre-printing paper fold, nice full OG, NH, VF and very rare
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503 **/*   C45, C46A, C50
1944, violet or black surcharges 10c on 2c in right sheet margin block of four, 30c on 1c in tete-beche pair, and $1 on 50c is a single, full or large part of OG (C46A), NH or LH/hinged, VF, each stamp with J. Stolow guarantee hs, C.v. $503
504 **   C48, C50, var
1944-45, black surcharge 30c on 4c, a single and two tete-beche pairs, two diagonally placed surcharges and left stamp of horizontal tete-beche without obliterating overprint, in addition violet surcharge $1 on 50c in horizontal strip of three, central stamp with incorrectly placed bars obliterating value, full OG, NH, VF, all varieties with J. Stolow guarantee hs
505 **/*   C48, var
1944, dark blue surcharge $1 on 3c olive green, block of four and a single, bottom right stamp of the block has surcharge "$.100", while a single with double surcharge, full OG, NH (block of four) or LH, VF and rare, a single with J. Stolow guarantee hs, Sanabria of 1966 priced the first error at $120 and the second one at $150
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506  2
1918, First Vilnius issue, 15sk black, block of four with natural straight edges at the top and on the left, positions 1-2/6-7, neat Kaunas "29.1.19" cancellation, fresh and VF, C.v. $400++
507  3-8
1918, Second Vilnius issue, 10sk-50sk, complete set of six, each cancelled on individual piece by Grodno Post Office marking, penciled stamp position numbers are shown, VF, C.v. $186++
508 */U   10, a, 22/26
1919, First and Third Kaunas issues, 5sk in block of 15sk (second setting) and two horizontal se-tenant pairs of 30sk-20sk and 60sk-50sk, last ones with Kaunas date stamps, mostly VF
509  30a-33a
1919, First Berlin issue, 10sk-30sk, complete set of three printed on paper with vertical network watermark, full OG, LH, F/VF and scarce, especially in complete set
510  40-49
1919, Third Berlin issue, imperforated plate proofs of 10sk-5auk, printed on yellowish paper, complete set of 11, including 50sk in green and in blue, no gum as produced, VF
511 **/* P  46/60
1919, Third and Fourth Berlin issues, group of 14 items, the total is 30 mostly mint stamps (two - used), representing five proofs, perforation errors and doubled- inverted-shifted Coat of Arms, nice quality, full OG or no gum as produced, VF
512  104-05 var
1921, Prince Kestutis, two error of colors, 80sk in orange and light blue, 1auk in brown and dark blue, full OG, previously hinged, VF