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Lots 551 - 559,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #80, December 14, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
551    SC #SK1

Postal Stationery items

1848, stationery envelope 10k+1k black, sent to Kamenetz (Podolia Gub.) in 1850, pen cross cancellation, light Kamenets arrival marking, mostly VF
552    SC #SK5
1866, stationery envelope 20+1k blue (the second issue of 1848 on grayish thickened paper), sent from Kerch to St. Petersburg, uprated by 10k brown and blue with perforation 12 1/2, arrival ds, small flap tear, still F/VF and rare, Venets #II.5, rank "R"
553    SC #SK8
1859, stationery envelope 10+1k black (the 4th issue of 1855), sent from St. Petersburg to Borga (then Russian Finland), red date stamp on front and boxed arrival marking, mostly VF
554    SC #SK21/27
1868-72, eight (seven different) stationery envelopes of 20k and 30k with indicia at the top left, including four unissued items, as well as 10k, 20k and 30k with indicia on the top right, various sizes, fresh quality, VF, Mi #U14/18, var
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555  SC #ES4
1882-84, essay of Imperial stationery entire wrapper of 1k yellow, size 375x70mm, inscribed "Почтовая бандероль", excellent condition, VF and scarce, ex- Breitfuss, Faberge, Mi #S1
556    SC #ES6
1896, essay for Imperial reply letter card 10k+10k blue, contains two attached letter cards, size of each 174x106mm, appropriately folded, perfect condition, VF and scarce, one copy of such essay was presented to each participant of the UPU Conference of 1906 in Rome
1900, Empress Marie Feodorovna complete stationery advertising letter sheet, series 43, sent from Moscow to Germany, bearing over 30 various advertising messages inside, postmarked on arrival, slight fold, still VF
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558  SC #PK24
1913, Alexander III, two proofs of center of 3k stamp in carmine for postal stationery card, printed on yellowish thin cardboard, approximate size 37x44mm, first one has incomplete line of outer oval, the other one with just a silhouette of Alexander III, fresh, no gum as issued, previously hinged, VF and rare, ex-N. Epstein
559  SC #PK25
1913, Romanov Dynasty issue, proof for postal stationery card of 4k in red, names of artist (Lancere) and engraver (Lundin) printed at the bottom of stamp, produced on a thin card, size 140x90mm, VF and very rare