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Lots 592 - 595,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #78, May 31, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
Net Price
592 **   628a
1938, North Pole Flight, 80k carmine, horizontal imperforated pair, nice margins all around, full OG, NH, VF, SC #486 Pa
593  629, 634 var
1938, 20th Anniversary of the Red Army, 10k and 80k, two stamps printed on ordinary instead of thick paper, full OG, LH, VF, SC #490B, 495B
594  678 var
1938, Balloons and Planes, 5k brown violet, top left corner sheet margin single, imperforated on the left, CTO with full OG, VF and rare, SC #538 Pb
595  724
1939, Milkmaid with Prize Cow, trial color proof of 10k in brown lilac, perforation 10 3/4, separated by scissors, raster square instead of diamonds, "enlarged breast" of milkmaid compare to issued stamp, gummed, VF and very rare, a common stamp is included, SC #591