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Lots 592 - 595,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #79, September 14, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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1910, cover addressed to Switzerland, franked by 10k light blue, posted in the mail on board of a steamship "Blagoveschensk - Nikolayevsk", tied with oval steamship ds, arrival marking on reverse, VF and scarce, S. Sismondo certificate
1910, PPC from Chernyayevo (Amur Gub.) to Blagoveschensk, franked by 3k red, delivered with a steamship "Blagoveschensk - Sretensk", all appropriate markings, slightly rounded corners, mostly VF
594  42/135

Nice Starting Collection

1889-1917, 77 mint stamps, neatly arranged on pages from a Collection, including some better sets and singles, highlights included: 5r and 10r of 1906, Romanov Dynasty issue, imperforated set of 1917and some others, fresh quality overall, generally full OG (one stamp - used), F/VF or better, SC.v. 42,000P
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Moscow Unnumbered TPO Postal History Items on Exhibition Pages

1914-16, three postcards and one cover, representing TPO markings "Sergievo - Moscow", "Moscow - Ramenskoye", "Ramenskoye - Moscow" and"Golitsino - Moscow", the last one is unrecorded, fresh, mostly VF and rare group
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