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Catalogue of Stamp Auction #81, March 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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594    1/35

Early Postal History Group

1919-20, 15 registered covers, mainly sent from Tallinn or Voru to Linkoping, vast majority is representing the Dr. Risberg correspondences, nicely franked by stamps of the first or second definitive issues, all appropriate markings, some with arrival ds, minor conveyance flaws mentioned, mostly VF
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595 **   69 imp
1924, Weaver, 3p blue green, horizontal imperforated pair, nice margins all around, full OG, NH, VF, Ojaste Cat. #88 A-1
596  81-82
1924, Estonian Theaters, imperforated plate proofs of 30m and 70m in issued colors, set of two in vertical or horizontal pair, each one printed on wove paper, no gum as produced, VF, Ojaste Cat. #91G1-92G1
597 **   B15-19

Semi - Postal issues

1927, Castles and Fortress, 5+5m- 40+40m, 100 complete sets of five, printed on horizontally or vertically (10m) laid paper, unfolded sheets of 100 (5m, 10m and 12m) or two sheets of 50 (20m and 40m),marginal perforation separations possible, full OG, NH, VF, Mi #63-67, €600++
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598  B15-19
1927, Castles and Fortress, 5+5m-40+40m, complete set of five, cancelled "Madara-Parnu" blocks of four, the high value printed on wove paper without watermark, fresh and VF, Mi #63-66, 67u, C.v. €432++
599  C2-3, C4-6, var

Air Post stamps

1923, red or black overprint or surcharges on Biplane LVG stamp of 5c yellow, black and light green, set of six basic triangle stamps in pairs of square format, including surcharges of 20m in red and carmine, bottom stamp of each pair with "white cloud" over the plane variety (only one stamp per pane of 100, position R43), full OG, LH, VF and rare matched set
600    C2-3, C4-6

Pioneer Flight Cover

May 30-31, 1924, registered cover from Tallinn to Riga, franked by imperforated set of five red or black overprints or surcharges on Biplane LVG 5c yellow, black and light green, marked "Par Avion" in red, all appropriate markings and arrival ds, VF
601    C9-13, C14-18
1925, Monoplane, 5m-45m, imperforated and perforated complete sets of five triangle stamps, used together with other values on two Pioneer Flight registered covers from Tallinn to Riga and from Tallinn to England respectively, the last one via Germany with red boxed confirmation and two-line violet Estonian "Registered/Air Mail" markings, appropriate cancellations, VF
602 **   

Selection of Multiples

1927-41, Tartu University, Song Festival, Health Resorts, Arms of 1937-38 and 1940, as well as German Occupation set, seven complete issues in blocks of four, nice quality, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $822++
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603 */U   1/151, B1/49, C1-6

Mint and Used Collection on Stockpages

1918-40, 264 mint or used stamps and two souvenir sheets, mainly complete issues of postage, semi-postal and air post , some better items such as No.58-64 (mint), 105-07 (mint and used, 117-33 (mint and used) and many more, as well as Tallinn issue (not expertized and looking dubious), nice quality material, full OG, NH, LH/hinged or used, F/VF, C.v. $1,350++
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