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Lots 673 - 683,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #81, March 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
673 **/*   1-12 A, B

Exhibition Style Collection

1918, black overprints "Postgebiet Ob. Ost" on 2 1/2pf-1m, complete set of singles (LH) and blocks of four, the high value with some oxidation, as well as two postal history items, fresh condition overall, full OG, NH or LH, F/VF (website photo)
674  1-2


1918, black surcharges 20pf on 10k and 40pf on 20k, complete set of two, each one cancelled "Dorpat" on individual pieces, fresh, VF, C.v. €400
675 **   

Mostly Multiples Collection

1872-1937, four singles, blocks of 4 and 6, the last one on pasted paper, three air post blocks of 14 with numerous overprint and surcharge varieties, four panes of 25 (No.87-89 and 99),as well as used Daposta souvenir sheet, nice quality material, full OG, mainly NH, F/VF, C.v. is well over €2,000 (website photo)
676    44

Memel (Klaipeda)
Pioneer Flight Cover

October 13, 1921, registered special delivery flown cover on line "Memel - Berlin" addressed to Chemnitz, franked by 2m on 1fr with blue overprint "Flugpost" in vertical strip of three, all appropriate markings and arrival "16.10.21" ds, VF
677  1-237, I-IV

Exhibition Style Practically Complete Collection

1920-39, 265 mint stamps, less No.184 for completion, including overprints and surcharges on French stamps and later Klaipeda postage and air post issues, some surcharge varieties, as well as "Memel ist Frei" stamps, nice condition overall, full OG, mainly LH (e few stamps have no gum), mostly VF, C.v. €3,500++ (website photo)
678 **   52/131

Collection of Multiples

1922-23, about 1800 mint stamps in blocks from 4 to 50, including three complete sets of No.110-18 (34 sets), 119-20 (91), 121-23 (48), numerous surcharge plate position varieties, some separations, marginal defects possible, full OG, NH or unused no gum all surcharges on Klaipeda items, F/VF, a great lot for a specialist in plating of that desirable material, C.v. €10,500++ (website photo)
679 */U   1/235

Remainder of a Collection

1920-23, close to 3000 mint and used stamps housed on manila pages, many complete sets throughout, some of them are placed on stockcards and ready for further usage, minor flaws to be expected, fresh quality overall, full OG or used, F/VF, C.v. €12,500++ (website photo)
680 **/U   

Bohemia and Moravia
Massive Collection in Three- Ring Binder

1939-45, 540 mostly mint stamps, including 42 positional blocks, and 34 postal history items, three of which of mixed franking with Czechoslovak stamps, nicely arranged and described on exhibition style pages, a beautiful unit, full OG, NH, some LH or used, F/VF (website photo)
681 */U   

Generalgouvernement (Poland)
Collection on Exhibition Pages

1939-45, 225 mint or used stamps, three miniature sheets and 59 postal history or commemorative items, including numerous items with first surcharges - stamps and covers, many eye-catching pieces, nicely described unit, full OG or used, mostly VF (website photo)
682 **   1-3, 3 I

Estland (Estonia)

1941, Numerals, Swastika and Coat of Arms, 15(k)-30(k), complete set of three, 30(k) in horizontal pair and a single, each stamp with plate variety, full OG, NH, VF, two stamps expertized by G. Krischke
683  3 F


1941, black handstamped overprint "Eesti Post" on 3k light blue, imperforated block of four, two top stamps without overprint, cancelled at the bottom with "Elva. Eesti" ds, VF and scarce multiple, expertized by V. Nemvalz, C.v. €3,000 for two pairs with and without overprint