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Lots 779 - 782,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #81, March 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
Net Price
779 **   C26-27

Aegean Islands
Air Post stamps

1933, General Balbo Trans-Atlantic Flight issue, 5.25L+19.75L and 5.25L +44.75L, complete set of two triptychs, nice and unfolded, full OG, NH, VF, Sassone #PA28-29, €550
780 **   29-37


1930, Hydrological Congress, black overprint "XXI Congresso Idrologico" on definitive issue of 1929, complete set of nine, nicely centered and post office fresh, full OG, NH, VF and rare in such quality, C.v. $5,460,Sassone #12-20, €7,000
781 **   74-81
1935, Holy Year, Deer and Palm Tree, 5c-5L, complete set of eight, fresh condition, full OG, NH, mostly VF, Sassone #91-97, €1,500
782 **   Sassone #E3-4

Issues under German Occupation
Special Delivery stamps

1943, red or black surcharges "Pro Assistenza Egeo" on Rhodes Special Delivery stamps 1.25L/1.25L green and 2.50L/2.50L orange, complete set in bottom left corner sheet margin blocks of four, full OG, NH, VF and scarce multiples, C.v. €4,000++