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Lots 821 - 825,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #81, March 21, 2019. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
Net Price
821    19a, 21e
1901, pre-printed cover of the Korean Religious Tract Society, sent from Seoul on "27.Fevr.01" to New York City, franked by 1ch yellow green and horizontal strip of three of 3ch orange, all with perforation 10, NYC"Apr.3.1901" arrival ds, VF and scarce
822    19a
1901, Korean stationery postcard 1ch blue, uprated by horizontal strip of three 1ch yellow green, perforation 10, sent from Chemulpo "27.Avril.01" via Shanghai to Dresden, postmarked on arrival "10.6.01", mostly VF
823    22
1901, Japanese stationery postcard 2s green, sent from Chemulpo (now Incheon) to Constantinople, transits included Seoul, where Korean 4ch carmine was added, Shanghai and Port Said, appropriate markings, fresh and VF
824    22
1902, color postcard from Seoul to Paris via French Office in Shanghai, franked by 4ch carmine, Seoul entry "21.Dec.02" and Shanghai transit of "6.Jan.03", VF
825    43

Battle at Chemulpo Bay

February 9, 1904, postcard sent from Chemulpo (now - Incheon) to Buenos Aires just one day before this historical battle of Russo-Japanese War, franked by Falcon stamp of 4ch rose, tied by Chemulpo"8.Fevr.04" date stamp, delivered via Shanghai and San Francisco, mostly VF and very scarce