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Lots 906 - 921,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #79, September 14, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
Net Price
906  B5-8, a, b
1914, World War I Postal Charity issue, 1+1k-10+1k, three complete sets printed on colored paper, perforation 11 1/2, 12 1/2 and 13 1/2 respectively, full OG, mainly LH, VF, SC #126-29, A. B
907  B5-8, B9-12
1914-15, World War I Postal Charity issue, 1+1k-10+1k, two complete sets of four with black or dark blue overprint "Obrazets", printed on colored or white paper, in addition stamp of 3+1k with perforation 12 1/2, full OG, NH or LH (3), VF
908  B9c-12c
1915, World War I Postal Charity issue, 1+1k-10k+1k, imperforated complete set of four, printed on white paper, balanced margins all around, full OG, LH, VF, each value with E. Eichenthal guarantee hs, SC #130-33 Pa
909  B15a+186c
1921, Volga Famine Relief issue 2250r carmine and two RSFSR definitive stamps of 1000r carmine, vertical se- tenant block with horizontal gutter in the middle, printed on thin paper, full OG, LH at the top, VF and extremely rare
910 **   B29
1922, "Philately for the Children", black overprint on imperforated 1k orange, the second printing, position 10 of 25-stamp setting, full OG, NH, VF, expert's hs on reverse, SC #048
911 **   B36, var
1922, "For the Hungry", Mail Train, no value indicated in light blue, two blocks of four on paper of different thickness, top left stamp of each block with "Р.Г.Ф.С.Р." variety, full OG, NH, VF, SC #56, Ka
912 **   B38
1923, "Philately for the Labor", bronze surcharge "1r +1r"on 10r brown and black, perfect quality, full OG, NH, VF, expertized by Z. Mikulski, N. Mandrovski certificate, SC #95
913  B38
1923, "Philately for the Labor", red trial surcharge "1r+1r" on 10r brown and black, full OG, hinged, VF, N. Mandrovski certificate, SC #96 Tc
914 **/*   B39-41
1923, "Philately for the Labor", set of four values, including gold surcharge "1r+1r", "2r+2r" on ordinary and thin paper, in addition two inverted surcharges 7500r on 250r violet, printed on ordinary and chalky paper, full OG,NH (#B39 and B41) or LH, VF, most signed by Z. Mikulski or with Soviet Philatelic guarantees
915  B39, var
1923, "Philately for the Labor", two stamps with gold surcharge "1r+1r" on 10r black and brown, first one without a dot after first "r", the other one with double frame at the top, full OG, previously hinged, VF, SC #96Ka, Kd
916  B39 var
1923, "Philately for the Labor", gold overinked (looks double) surcharge "1r+1r" on 10r brown and black, appropriate Moscow cancellation, VF and scarce variety in used condition
917  B40b
1923, "Philately for the Labor", inverted bronze surcharge 2r+2r on 250r violet, printed on ordinary paper, full OG, VLH, VF, Soviet Philatelic guarantee hs, SC #97 Tb
918  B41
1923, "Philately for the Labor", red trial surcharge "4r+4r" on 5000r violet, full OG, LH, VF, Soviet Philatelic guarantee hs
919    B39-41
1923, "Philately for the Labor", set of four values (no bronze "1r+1r" and silver surcharges) used on First Day Cover, sent by registered mail in Moscow, tied by appropriate "1.5.1923" ds, postmarked on arrival, VF, SC #95-98
920  B42
1923, "Philately for the Labor", silver surcharge "4r+4r" on 5000r violet, First Day cancellation "1.5.23" on a piece, fresh, VF, SC #99
921    B54-57
1930, Child Welfare, two complete sets of two, used on two postcards picturing MS "Europa", each one additionally franked on reverse by Revolution of 1905 set of three, appropriate markings, VF
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