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Lots 952 - 962,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #79, September 14, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
Net Price
952    Standard #PE22
1932, tax stamp with black surcharge 15k on 70k brown, tied by 11-line official cachet, used on reverse of registered philatelic exchange cover from Moscow to South Africa, franked by two air post values on front, postmarked on arrival, mostly VF
953 */U   Barefoot #2/16

Various Revenue and Fiscal stamps
Consular Fee stamps

1913, 2k-10r, set of nine values, four unused (10r - no gum) and five used, fresh quality, mostly VF

Collection of Specimen Excise Duty Strips in Large Blue Album

1880's, 139 items for pressed tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, cigarette paper, matches, tea, yeast, as well as distillery tax strips, each one with overprint"Obrazets",mounted on thin cardboard paper, some of them have length of about 75cm (30") and neatly folded over, excellent quality and valuable unit, VF and rare
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955  Barefoot #11

Municipal issues
St. Petersburg

1895, Residence Permit, five large die proofs, value tablet blank, colors carmine, blue, brown, green and orange, approximate size 55x95mm, perfect quality, VF and rare
956 **   Barefoot #13

Transcaucasian Federated Republics

1923, red surcharge 1.25r on imperforated 500,000r green, sheet of 50 presented in form of envelope with face of the stamps inside, minor flaws, still VF and interesting item for a specialist, C.v. £1,000 for single stamps only

World War I Charity Labels

1916, 1k-25k, imperforated and perforated se-tenant miniature sheets of six, first and second issues differ by color of stamps, fresh and VF
958 L P  
1916, trial color perforated proof of 1k in black, yellow and red, miniature sheet of six (2x3), fresh and VF

Various Advertising Labels - Confectionary Factory "Einem" (now - Krasny Oktyabr)

1910's, Views of Moscow, set of 12 multicolored labels, representing various historical places, five pieces with insignificant thins, fresh quality overall, mostly VF
1910's, Military Ships and Russian-America Passenger Line, two sets of 12 and 10 multicolored labels, four stamps with minor faults, fresh quality otherwise, mostly VF
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1910's, Writers and Poets, set of 12 labels in black brown, one stamp has small thin, otherwise VF
1910's, Composers, set of 12 labels in greenish black, fresh condition, VF