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Jiří Majer


Jiří Majer Photo

Mr. Jiří Majer was a collector, researcher, and philatelic expert by inclination and a philatelic dealer and auctioneer by profession. During his career, he built one of the most respected Auction Houses in the Czech Republic, whose reputation is evidenced by the names of the owners of famous collections and exhibits entrusted to him for sale. The most prominent collections are associated with the names of J. L. Klein from the Netherlands, Charles Chesloe from the USA, Max Mahr and Fred Hefer from Germany. All of those were successfully sold in the J. Majer Auctions in the past decades. He had excellent contacts with American and European philatelic communities, and his undeniable dedication to the return of Czechoslovak philatelic rarities, which had been removed abroad in the 20th Century to their homeland.

Jiří Majer was born and raised in Kadaň, a town in Chomutov District in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the former Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic.

After receiving his high school diploma, he studied to be a printer and obtained an internship at Typographische Amalt in Vienna, where he worked for a year and a half. Then he served as a Czechoslovak Army soldier, and after his military duty, he worked in various blue-collar occupations. In 1990, he turned his long-time hobby into a full-time job for the rest of his life.

Mr. Majer's main professional interest was Czechoslovak Philately, however, as a prominent collector, he spent a lot of time researching and assembling one of the most valuable and powerful collection of Carpatho-Ukraine, the territory where in 1940's converged interests of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Soviet Union. He published a comprehensive catalog on this subject in 2008.

Another point of interest of Mr. Majer was the Czechoslovak Legion Post in Russia. In 2017, he and his long-term friend and colleague Jaroslav Verner wrote a monograph "Pošta Čechoslovak Vojsk v Rusku 1914-1920" in the series of monographs of Czechoslovak and Czech stamps and postal history.

On behalf of the family of Mr. Majer, we are offering in this Auction the best formed Collection of the Carpatho-Ukraine of 1944-1945. This Collection is comprised of practically all issued stamps, including unique and extremely rare pieces with extraordinary postal history items. Detailed description of lots from his Collections can be found in the Catalogue of the Auction 98.

Jiří Majer Catalogue of Carpatho-Ukraine

Catalog "Zakarpatska Ukrajina Specializovany Katalog" by Jiří Majer

The Book is written in Czech, very well illustrated and showing prices (CZK) for stamps, stationeries and postal history items.
It is available on behalf of Jiri Majer's family free of charge in pdf format and you can get it at:
Small file with less resolution (23Mb)
Large file with 300dpi resolution (142Mb).

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